Copy of About Us

In 1993, I put one of my daughters in a pageant. I learned a lot real quick.

The dress I had made for this pageant was not up to par. When I saw how much these dresses cost, and I wanted my  daughter to have what the rest of the kids had, I knew had to save for a long time.
Finally, I got to the amount I needed to get a dress that was up to par, and she won her first National Title.
After that I thought, "How in the world do mothers afford all these clothes and dresses, and costumes?" How was I going to afford it?
I could sew and knew others who could also, but the Rhinestones and trims were the big expense. and knew I had to figure out on how to save money and get what I needed.
So, I did a lot of research and needed to buy in bulk, then in time I found a vender and now I could sell little amounts out to moms at the events. I started to sell more and more each time. They were contacting me to send them some stones because I was stocked, lower priced and quicker.
One thing led to another, and I decided to open my own Rhinestone business. I wanted to help mothers like me who had their children in  dance, twirl, pageants, rodeos, etc. afford it.

I couldn't believe how fast it grew. My whole family came to help, and we made it a family business.

In the past 10 years we have grown Internationally and have over 21,000 clients.

We all love what we do, and we love helping with our clients with their personal creations and being a part of making them shine.

The best part is now we can offer many different colors and sizes in bulk, as you know gross do not go far, and we have many rhinestone trims and appliques others don't carry. 

We are always adding new items. So, we have been in business for over 30 years now loving it as it was the first day and get to spend our days with family working at the shop, and helping you shine all at the same time.

And now...We have our web site, or you can find us on Facebook, we have some unique glitz items there also, called RHINESTONES AND TRIMS. We are also here on chat to help you with sizes and colors.
So because of my great findings in savings, I wanted to pass on to other parents, to save also, and was blessed to make this an all-family business.